Proud Members of the Self Storage Association

Did you know that Fortbox are members of the UK Self Storage Association (SSA UK)? This is the trade association representing the self storage industry.

There are currently 815 storage facilities offering approximately 29.6 million square feet of storage space. That’s a lot of storage!

As members of the SSA Fortbox strive to maintain and improve upon industry standards and ensure that our storage facilities are among the best in the UK and Europe. We are in touch with the latest news across the self storage industry and therefore are up to date with latest codes of conduct and ethics for the benefit of our customers. As an industry leader we set standards of security and data protection to ensure that our storage facilities employ the best and latest regulations making your belongings even more safe and protected than ever.

The SSA website provides some really useful advice for self storage users. Here is a summary of just some of their FAQs;

How do I know I can trust a self storage facility?
Look out for the SSA UK logo! You can be reassured that the company are following Membership Standard and operate a responsible code of conduct.

Will my possessions be safe?
All sites registered with the SSA UK require CCTV monitoring systems and meet fire safety regulations.

Is Self storage private?
You will receive your own padlock and key for your storage facility meaning that only you can access it.

Do I need my own insurance to cover my stored items?
Your possessions remain your responsibility even when they are in storage. You need to ensure that you are covered against loss or damage. Fortbox can help you to look into this and make sure that you have a suitable level of insurance. Most normal household insurance will not cover you for property in self storage facilities.

‘Suffering from Stuffocation’?

A new book published at the beginning of the year refers to materialism and hoarding in a bleak, doomsaying way that warns of ill health and depression caused by having too much Stuffocation by James Wallman discusses the advantages to living with less and aspiring to own fewer material items and indeed replace them with experience. His theory is that if the human race concentrated less on wanting to acquire more ‘things’ and gain more ‘experience’ therefore creating memories and emotions, we would be less concerned with wanting what other people have got and more concerned with aspiring to live life.

Whilst we at Fortbox are open to these philosophical musings and agree in a lot of ways that having to much ‘stuff’ can be detrimental to life in many ways, we do think we try to understand consumer behaviour and facilitate in providing a solution to a growing societal habit. Yes hoarding is becoming more prevalent, and as a nation we seem to be more materialistic than ever. Just look at what happened in London on Black Friday!

But we don’t want to get too political about this. All Fortbox want to do is be here to provide a great storage service when needed. No matter if it is for hoarders or recovering hoarders, life is difficult enough without psychologists jumping in and telling us what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Yes Black Friday was a terrible event that seemed to be a symptom of societies need to get the latest ‘stuff’. There were instances of shoppers scuffling over electrical goods in Wembley, Chelsea, Fulham, all over London and other parts of the UK. Scenes that we hope we can learn from and avoid at the same time next year when the sales season hits.

I suppose what we are trying to say is, whilst looking at storage from a more serious philosophical point of view for a moment, ‘Stuffocation’ may have a point. We do have a lot of material possessions and yes it would be nice to concentrate more on experience. But ‘stuff’ evokes memories and at the end of the day quite a bit of ‘stuff’ is essential in the modern world. Minimalism is a lovely concept. But in practise it is slightly unrealistic. Do we need all of those books, magazine collections, shoes, ornaments……..probably not. But things – possessions- are precious. I-phones and computers are no longer luxury items. They are becoming a necessity of modern living. And for future generations other things that seem disposable to us now will also become indisposable to them.

So storage is a necessary service these days more so than ever. Housing space is getting smaller and society is growing. Business continues to expand in London as well as across the UK and our new Chelsea storage facility is helping to take up some of the mantle. James Wallman, we hear you loud and clear, but rather than criticise so called materialism lets try and look at solutions to coordinate and organise societies possessions so that we can all live more harmoniously together in a clutter-free environment!