Storage Solutions for Downsizing

The trend these days for downsizing seems to be gathering momentum. The housing market is pricing first time buyers out of the equation and encouraging older people to downsize their properties.

In turn, this then creates storage problems. The first time buyers are making bargain purchases from eBay and second hand goods sites, without having a house to move into. The parents are trying to get rid of the clutter and encourage the children to move out. So we reach a stalemate. What’s the solution?

Many people won’t have even considered self-storage as a solution. But if you think about it, it’s the perfect solution. The first time buyers can build up their collection and save money by buying things when they find them, not having to wait to have the space to put them into. And the parents can downsize by moving old furniture or belongings that might be sellable into easy access storage so that they can sell it directly from a storage unit.

So in theory, the storage should more than pay for itself. Why thrown out that old pushchair because you haven’t got time to sell it? Put it into your self-storage facility for a while along with that bed that you no longer need, the old sideboard that would make a perfect restoration project and that vintage train set that you just know will make a fortune on eBay!

We all make these ‘to do’ lists but never quite get round to it. In the end we get so fed up of tripping over our excess belongings that they end up in a skip. That’s why skip raiding has become so lucrative over he years!

So make sure you don’t line other people’s pockets with your second hand belongings. Turn it into cash by taking the time to rent a storage unit from Fortbox and make it your project to try and raise some cash from downsizing.

Now you just have to persuade your husband that he will never use those flippin golf clubs again and he will definitely not use that old bike any time soon! Good luck!

Furniture Storage Solutions

My in-laws are currently embarking on a self-build project. This has brought up the inevitable issue of furniture storage solutions. Unless you have a friendly local farmer with a warm, dry, secure barn where you can store all of your worldly possessions for free, you will be stuck with the unenviable job of finding a suitable storage facility.

Thankfully, I don’t have a large barn, or indeed an empty garage that they could use whilst they build their dream home. Unfortunately for my sister, she does! However, a whole 40 years of marriage and 4 children creates a lot of possessions! The children may have grown up and flown the nest but god forbid that Mum and Dad throw out the beloved first train set, or the trampoline, or the mountain of teddy bears!

Other option therefore has been to look at a professional storage solution. Naturally the in-laws were dubious about this and were convinced that it would cost them the earth. But as I pointed out to them, you can’t really put a price on the security of your entire household belongings. Finding a storage company that you can trust and are competitively priced was obviously not difficult for them as they had me to lead them in the right direction – i.e. Fortbox. And they were pleasantly surprised at the quote for 6 months of storage that they can access easily and conveniently at any time over the course of their self-build project.

Inevitably the children have been asking to borrow things such as ‘Dad’s Drill’, ‘The Bike Stand’. ‘The Train Set’ – this was for our 1 year old to play with by the way. And thankfully all of this was fairly easily located. With practical labelling, shelving solutions and inventories, Fortbox have proved to be a perfect storage solution for my in-laws. That’s a big tick in my book and a gold sticker for daughter-in-law number one!

Meanwhile, they are living in a caravan! I think they are a bit mad, but it will all be worth it once the house is finished. Just hope this horrible weather improves for them soon before they completely freeze! Thankfully they have a lovely daughter-in-law who frequently invites them over for a cup of tea, and in exchange they get to play with their grandson and his new train set….