5 common domestic storage arguments

1. Wedding Dress

What are us married ladies supposed to do with our beloved wedding dresses? Most of the time they are hugely bulky items with acres of netting and hoops and veils…….and basically really impractical to store. But we want to keep them forever and ever! If it was only as easy as our husbands would make us believe ‘Just sell it! You are never going to wear it again!’. That’s not the point at all! The memories associated with that dress cannot simply be given away. Every few years we want to get that dress out of storage and think back to those early days of heady romance and be reminded of our figures before children came along and wrecked things forever!

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a massive walk in wardrobe where you can have your fairytale dress on constant display, then you will need a storage solution. Getting your other half to climb up into the attic to store it safely and ensure it doesn’t get damp or eaten by squirrels is a major gamble. So what are the other options? Well you could always turn to Fortbox to get safe, secure and damp-proof storage to ensure that your wedding dress is forever kept in the same beautiful condition as the day it was worn. And at least then you can be ensured that if you ever want to wear it again.

2. Record collections

So now turn the table on the husbands. Not meaning to be stereotypical, but in general; it may be safe to suggest that the male alternative to the wedding dress dilemma is the beloved record collection. Just how bulky and impractical is a collection of 1000’s of LP’s to store? Very! And the men will argue that it is just as important to keep them clean and dry. So why not throw this into the bargain when you are negotiating the wedding dress storage? If you have to part with the dress, then he can part with his records! Done deal.

3. Golf Clubs

Ok, so whilst we are on a roll, now lets look at his Golf Clubs – I mean, how much do they really get used? Once a year???? Oh yes, we all know the New Years Resolution is to get more exercise and therefore spend more time on the golf course, but if it isn’t blazing sunshine, which lets face it, it rarely is in this country, the blokes never get out on the golf course. So those flipping golf clubs are stuck cluttering up the garage, or even worse – in the car boot so that you can never get your shopping bags in. Do us all a favour gents – put them in storage!

4. Shoes

Lets try and redress the balance a bit here. The winter months tend to bring out a whole new collection of boots and coats for us ladies. Yes we do need that many pairs of Uggs! But I must admit, they do tend to go to waste in the summer. I sometimes find myself staring at them longingly in mid August almost wishing for a snowy day to have an excuse to make my feet happy and wrap them up in my winter boots. Last year I bought a lovely coat right at the end of the winter and wore it just once! So for the rest of the year it just took up room on the coat rack. I suppose a sensible solution would be to put winter items into storage for the few summery months that we may be lucky to get this year.

5. Bikes

I know that in London this one is a particular favourite argument between husbands and wives and also housemates. Bike storage! If like my partner, one bike simply isn’t enough, where on earth do you store multiple bikes? London commuters are similar to the golf brigade – fair weather only! They all start off with good intentions, and then as soon as it gets a bit rainy or cold, the bike is forgotten about and they are back on the bus or tube. So if like my other half, you have somehow ended up with three bikes, and use none of them, how about putting at least two of them in storage???????

If any of the above scenarios sound familiar to you, why not give us a call at Fortbox and you may be pleasantly surprised at how cost effective our storage solutions can be. Easy access storage especially in London can make a huge improvement to your quality of life. With so many possessions and so little room these days, storage solutions are definitely worth considering. Call us on 0800 023 7074 to find out how we can help.