Moving overseas? Or working away for a while? Get peace of mind with Fortbox self storage London.

You’re here for a good time, not a long time (as the adage goes), so when an opportunity comes along – that much awaited contract in Barcelona, or a paper writing sabbatical in New Zealand… when such things arise, you have to grab them with both hands. I really enjoy catching up with customers who’ve had short term contracts in some lovely far flung destinations. (I have to say, with more than a little envy.) How fab to just up and go for a while. Well, if you’ve just put your signature aganst that contract, and now need to look into some temporary storage solutions for your treasured possessions – speak to Fortbox. Our self-storage units London are available on flexible ‘no tie-in’ terms – so whether it’s a few months or a whole year, you can rely on completely secure, competitively priced self storage London.

Temporary storage units London for contract workers

It might be that you’re just heading further north for a few months, or you’ve nailed that contract in Paris.. Whatever the reason for your temporary move, you need to know that your cherished possessions are going to be looked after whilst you’re away. You can rest easy with Fortbox self storage London, our storage units come with 24/7 surveillance, a personal pin and alarm, for total peace of mind. So you can work away without worrying about your most valued belongings. It’s just not wise to leave personal, precious things in your home whilst you’re away – it makes sense to put them in secure storage London, so you know that they’re completely safe.

Gap year or a language student spending a year out in France?

If your degree features a year abroad – well, lucky you, first off, secondly, what are you going to do with all of your stuff whilst you’re away? If you don’t fancy the idea of lugging it all back to mum and dads, or having the hassle of potential arguments for moving your gear back in – why not think about Fortbox self storage London? We’ve a flexible range of self storage units which you can use to store all your books, your bike, your stereo, PC – literally everything you need, but that isn’t essential for your trip, you can place in self storage London. Our storage units London offer a safe, secure place for you to store your personal possessions, and with 24/7 surveillance, your own pin and alarm, you can have confidence that everything will be OK whilst you carry on with your studies.

What’s more you can acccess your things as and when you need – with extended 24 hour access available if you wish. We’ll even help you customise your storage space, with bespoke shelving, lighting and electrical outlets. Find out more by talking to the Fortbox team.

Your cherished record collection… Your Gran’s best antique table… The kids first toys … However treasured, however beloved… let Fortbox self storage London take care of it – whilst you regain some much needed space.

It’s surprising just how many secret hoarders there are amongst us. I’m not without guilt myself, books are my thing – they are literally everywhere, my husband keeps threatening to burn them all and replace them with some kind of digital device! The horror. So I empathise, I do.

I understand that there are just some things that you can’t be parted with. But how about merely separated from for a while, so you can free up some much needed space?

Need more space? Think about storing your record collection or cherished antiques at one of Fortbox secure self storage units London.

If your record collection, or the kids expansive collection of ‘first’ toys are becoming a bone of contention, or the brunt of arguments, then it’s time to do something about it. And if you find yourself saying ‘I need more space’, often, then even moreso. At Fortbox self-storage London, we’ve a range of storage units to cater for every conceivable ‘hoard’. So whether it’s a few antiques and a small set of records, or a substantial collection and several room fulls of furniture and toys, we can help.

Totally secure, monitored self storage units London

Whether it’s something short term you’re looking for, until you’ve de-cluttered the rest of your home, or a more long term storage solution you’re after – at Fortbox you can hire our self storage units London for as long as you like. You can depend on highly secure storage units, with 24/7 surveillance monitoring. You’ll also be given your own individual pin and padlock, along with an alarm for your storage unit London. And because our storage units are let on flexible terms, you don’t have to be anxious about being tied in to any contracts – you can use your storage unit London for as long, or as little time as you wish.

Need help de-cluttering your home?

Well the first port of call is to move all the things that you really don’t need, but want, over to self storage London. But if there’s something niggling you about how you simply can’t give anything away, or you’re still hanging on to every school book, from every lesson.. then maybe this link will help you prioritise your hoards…

After all, you don’t want to turn into the secret hoarder next door:

Reclaim your space today with a little help from Fortbox self storage London.