Is your family growing, but not your space?

How to store baby equipment is an ongoing dilemma for parents who haven’t yet completed their families, but need the space taken up by car seats, highchairs, bouncers, sterilisers, cots, changing stations, baby clothing…the list goes on and on! Storing all of these items at home until the next bundle of joy arrives can cause serious headaches. Where to put it all? And will it still be in great condition for the next addition to the family?

Self-storage London is the answer. You can store baby equipment safely and securely in a dry, mould-free environment in your own self-storage London unit. Choose a smaller unit to store just a few boxes of baby equipment and clothing that you’d like to keep, or opt for a slightly larger self-storage London unit where you can fit in all your beloved nursery furniture and other items until the Stork comes to call again!

Storing baby equipment in a hygienic environment is obviously uppermost in any parent’s mind. The attic and cellar can seem like good options, but both can be prone to temperature fluctuations, mould, mildew and insects, which can all cause irreparable damage. Many people opt for the garage, but as storing baby equipment often means storing bulky items (even when disassembled), well, erm….where do you put the car?!

Renting a self-storage London unit means you can rest assured that you’re storing baby equipment in a dry, secure environment – and who’s to say that you can’t put some other stuff in there too? If you’ve already older children, then perhaps store their outdoor playthings over the winter months too, or clothing ready to be handed down. Once you’ve rented your value-for-money self-storage London unit you’ll have your own padlock key and PIN number to drop off and retrieve items when it suits you.

So if you’re expanding your family but can’t expand your space at home, think about self-storage London as being the extension you haven’t got! Nobody knows why such very small people need So Much Stuff, but with a self-storage London unit you can rest assured that you’re storing baby equipment in the best possible way until you welcome your next little one into the world.

Ladies – have you done the big clothes swap yet?

No, we’re not talking about those parties where everyone piles in with their ‘what was I thinking?’ items to swap with friends! We’re talking about what most of us with overstuffed wardrobes do every Spring and Autumn – clear out the seasonal clothes into suitcases or storage boxes to make way for our light summer wear before swapping back to the layers we need in the cold weather.

So this time of year, out go the bulky sweaters, big coats and sturdy boots and in come….floaty summer dresses, lightweight linens, strappy sandals and (*cough*) perhaps a few more little ‘must haves’ that simply can’t be left in the shops! But where to store all your winter-wear until the sun most certainly no longer has his hat on?

Many people favour the attic, but this can cause havoc with storing clothes, especially over the summer months when attics can reach very high temperatures. Mould, mildew and insect damage are other causes for concern – you don’t want to retrieve that expensive wool coat or leather boots to find them damaged beyond repair by your storage conditions. And the cellar can be even worse….

The perfect solution is self-storage London where you can store all of your clothing in tip-top conditions. Our units are fully secure but, more than that, they’re dry, mould-free and your clothes will remain in perfect condition in your self-storage London unit. We can add shelving if you’d like, or you can bring along some readily available clothing rails to hang your clothing rather than having it scrunched into boxes. How about including any seldom-worn items too, like evening wear? Your self-storage London unit will ensure your evening gowns are ready to wear when you’re ready to wear them! And we all know (though never admit!) that we have TOO MANY shoes…so boxing up your winter footwear and storing your beloved boots safely and securely until it’s time to step back into them makes sense – and gives you SO much more space for, well, perhaps another pair of sandals or two to make it into your wardrobe!

And when Autumn does come around again, your self-storage London unit can simply become an additional wardrobe for your summer wear. Yes, when it’s sadly time to pack away the brights and florals of our summer wear and clamber back into the warmth of woollies, then just come along and swap it all over! With your own padlock key and PIN number, you can access your self-storage London unit when it suits you – so even if you need something in a hurry (we all like a party invite!) then just come along and retrieve it.

Self-storage London units are great value-for-money and can offer you additional wardrobe space all year round…also perfect for stashing any purchases that *ahem* might be best kept under wraps until you can use the ‘What? This old thing….’ line!!

With fewer children leaving home, self-storage London could save your sanity!

A new survey from the Royal Mail’s inaugural Home Movers Study shows that one in five house-moving families are now looking for a bigger home because so many children are still living with their parents into their twenties and beyond.

Parents who feel that their adult children stand little chance of getting onto the property ladder – certainly now that house prices are well and truly back on the rise – are no longer downsizing but seeking larger properties instead to accommodate the kids who can’t fly the nest.

But almost half of homeowners have had to wait longer than they wanted to make the move, with a third saying there’s a real lack of suitable homes on the market. So what to do when the kids have arrived back to the family home from University or their travels, and there’s just not enough space for everyone’s stuff? Stress levels can rise to the rafters! So self-storage London is the perfect solution, especially if a house move is on the horizon.

With a self-storage London unit you can start by stashing all the items the family doesn’t use regularly but still wants to keep hold of. Then, if you are looking to move house in the near future, what better way to take the stress out of all the last minute packing when you do find the perfect place? Rent a self-storage London unit and you can go slow and steady, perhaps packing a few boxes a week or month and storing them safely in your self-storage London unit until you’re settled in to your new home and ready to collect them.

Self-storage London units are a great value-for-money solution to ensure that all the family’s belongings are kept safe and sound whilst your home is kept as clutter-free as possible! And, as the survey reveals, with more and more parents expecting their children to live with them well into adulthood, they’re really waiting it out to find the right new family home. So to keep peace and harmony in the home you’re already in, avoiding rows about bikes and boxes everywhere and just no space to store anything, your self-storage London unit can take care of the overspill whilst you seek out the dream home that will finally have the space you all need!

Wave Goodbye to Winter with Self Storage London

Well, our fingers have been well and truly crossed and finally it looks like our wishes are coming true…could it be possible that Summer is finally here?

Yes, it certainly seems like it’s time to crack out the barbecue, clean up the garden furniture and get ready for lazy afternoons in the sunshine and relaxing balmy evenings.

But what to do with all that Winter gear you’ve got stored around the house – everything from ski equipment to suitcases filled to the brim with the woollies and bulky coats you can put away for the next few months? Self-storage London is the perfect answer to free up some space and make the most of a clutter-free home over the Summer. More room for your family and friends to enjoy and more room for you to simply move around your home.

Our self-storage London units come in a variety of sizes and you can rent a self-storage London unit for as short a time or as long as you like. In fact, why not rent a self-storage London unit over the summer months to put away all your cold weather stuff safely and securely, then when the days start getting colder and the nights darker, swap it all around? Use your self-storage London unit to stash your summer items like that barbecue and garden furniture, perhaps the kids’ outdoor playthings, bikes and anything else that takes up space but won’t be used during the winter weather.

Renting a self-storage London unit is the cost-effective way to keep your belongings safe and sound, yet readily available whenever you need to access them. Your self-storage London unit comes with its own personal padlock and PIN number, so you can pop in when it suits you to retrieve items or store something else. Self-storage London really is the perfect answer for storing seasonal items out of your home, but not too far from home.