Forget about student storage London. And focus on that dissertation instead

The days are getting longer, and lighter, the birds are chirping, and is that a glimmer of sun up in the sky?… It’s that time of year, and it can only mean one thing. Yes, the arrival of spring, and an all-important indicator that your dissertation deadline is looming. If you’ve been putting off the inevitable, here are ten tips to dissertation success.

  1. Stay in close contact with your dissertation supervisor, get them on-side and keep them on-side. Make sure you use their expertise, ask for feedback and if you ever feel like you’re not getting the support you need – speak up. Your dissertation supervisor should be able to give you all the reassurance you need, and be ready to handle panicked ‘midnight oil’ emails. If you think your supervisor isn’t up to scratch, act fast as they’re your ultimate route to success.
  2. Try not to compare your progress with your fellow peers. Let them get on with their dissertation and you get on with yours. If you start comparing you’ll only add to your anxiety. You need all of your attention and focus to be directed at the task at hand. Don’t let anything distract you. You can do this.
  3. Don’t get the whole family involved. Mention it to friends and family and the next minute they’ll want to know the finest detail – which may be the most impressive thing in the world to you. But to your family, well, it could just be a little confusing and probably much less interesting than you think! Channel your passion into your writing instead.
  4. You will at some point doubt yourself, your subject and the point of everything! Do not worry, this is completely natural, you’re under pressure. You may feel you’ve completely run out of steam. Again, all completely normal. Take a couple of hours out, go for a walk, and some fresh air and try to regain your focus. Talk to your dissertation supervisor when you need a boost or a little encouragement.
  5. Don’t feel disheartened when it comes to the editing stage. A great deal of what you’ve written will have to be stripped right back. But take consolation in the fact that you will be more of an ‘expert’ in your chosen field following all that in-depth consideration.
  6. Be prepared to spend quite a bit of time at the printer. Try and use your own printer rather than your university library printer if you can, otherwise you could end up spending a small fortune. You do need to print things off though so you can proof properly – much easier than on-screen.
  7. Get ready for your social calendar to be put on hold for a while. And forget giving up goodies for Lent – you’ll need that extra energy for your study stints.
  8. With your time not really being your own, the last thing you want to be doing during your holiday is moving your uni gear backwards and forwards. Why not invest in some cost effective, stress free, temporary storage for students in London? That way you won’t have to worry about your treasured possessions over Easter. Fort Box’s student storage units in London start from just 10sq ft – great for quite a few boxes of books and your student essentials. And for complete peace of mind all of our student storage units London have an alarm, 24hr CCTV coverage and have a personal PIN and padlock access. Perfect. So whether it’s your uni PC, books, or valuables – place your belongings in safe hands with our temporary student storage units, or long term storage units, if you wish. Read more about our London self-storage facilities here. With the worry of storage out of the way, you can focus your attentions back to your dissertation.
  9. Face the fact that your time’s no longer your own. But remember it’s not forever – stay positive, and do try to get some exercise. Even if it’s just a short stroll a day, you’ll feel more energised and ready to study.
  10. The end is in sight. Stay focused. Completing your dissertation will be one of the most elated feeling’s you’ll ever experience. Take pride in it, and be proud of yourself for seeing it though to the end.

April showers & storage saviours

With heavy downpours set to hit, there really doesn’t seem to be a let up for Londoners at the moment. Click here for some recent imagery from the London Evening Standard captures the calamity busy commuters face whilst the battle the great British weather. With residents still reeling from recent flood damage, the news of further flood warnings London, is most definitely unwelcome.

It’s a sad situation to report, but there are still a large number of people who are yet to return to their homes following the torrential London floods. Not only has this seen an increase in insurance cover, with a reported 130million (plus) claimed to date (read more here), but there has also been a surge in the demand for self-storage facilities London. With good reason, with the threat of worse weather on the way, it’s important to know your most beloved possessions are being cared for. Photographs, family memorabilia, important documents and antiques… so much has been lost in recent London floods. By investing in self-storage London you can have absolute assurance that your irreplaceable belongings are stored away safe, sound, and most importantly in extremely dry storage units London.

Whether it’s a small storage unit London for just a few precious pieces of jewellery and a couple of treasured antiques, or a large storage unit London, for bigger items like our sofa and bed perhaps – Fort Box has the range of self-storage units to choose from. Take a look at our complete range of London self-storage facilities to learn more about our services and selection of self-storage units.

Sparkle this spring… Move everything into temporary storage

With lighter, brighter days on the horizon, it’s that time of year when people’s attentions turn to the dreaded spring clean. But fear not, with the right preparation, you can remove all the stress from this tiresome annual chore.

Everyone knows how annoying it can be moving things backwards and forwards when you’re trying to clean. Imagine how much easier things would be if you had a completely clean slate… Why not move everything out to temporary-storage London? With storage units London available from just one week, you could move everything into temporary storage and have your home restored to resplendent glory before you know it.

So put away that duster and step away from the mop and bucket for now. Take a breath, and get ready to breathe fresh life into your home. Strip everything out with a little help from Fortbox. With our self-storage facilities London you can pack everything away, including large items like wardrobes, and beds – get everything out of the way and give your house a deep clean. Each of our storage units London come with padlock key and personal PIN. They are monitored 24 hours a day for complete peace of mind. So there’s no need to worry about your beloved belongings. Take a look at our full range of storage solutions London here.

Take advantage of Fortbox’s free van collection

At our dependable Oxford storage unit facility we’re currently offering free van collection on our storage units London – up to 50 sq ft, within a 5 mile radius of OX3. When you combine this excellent offer with the fact that we have a great packing and removal partner, you can have complete confidence in Fortbox’s removal and storage services London. Take a look at our range of cost effective storage units London here.

Regardless of whether you’ve a small or large home, we can help provide just the right storage solution London, however big the challenge ahead.

Get some great spring cleaning tips here.

Kick your clutter in to touch, with self-storage units London

We’ve all been there. You open the cupboard in the spare room and boxes upon boxes come tumbling out. Stuff you’ve put in there months, maybe years ago, things you just can’t bear to be without, right? How essential is all this stuff to your life? Did you know that clutter can be really bad for you… Apparently it can be really detrimental to your mental health, as Lifehacker reports (click here).

Whether you’ve a few boxes, or your home is looking something akin to ‘hoarders and storers’ finest episode, at Fort Box self storage we can help you restore your sanity. Follow our helpful guide to ridding your house of clutter.

  1. To begin with ask yourself the question. If my home was to burn down, what would I save first! Be ruthless. Think about your most beloved possessions.
  2. Create 3 categories: keep, throw, give-away and then put together an inventory of your possessions, according to each category.
  3. Don’t try and tackle things all at once, you’ll be too overwhelmed. Slowly, slowly. You’re not going to solve the problem of clutter in one fell swoop. Set yourself a small goal. Start with the study to begin with, then tackle larger rooms.
  4. Research suggests that 30 minute bursts is the most productive way to tackle the problem of clutter. So set the timer to avoid frustration.
  5. Be strict with buying new things. Do you really need another diet book… Try not to by another new book, before you’ve read the last. That way you won’t end up cluttering your shelves.
  6. Clutter isn’t simply restricted to piles of clothes, gadgets and paperwork. It’s digital too. Keep your files in order on your desktop, and at the end of each day, drop stray files into one central folder, that way you can keep everything streamlined, and your head clear!
  7. Review what’s in your closet monthly. If after a month there are items you haven’t worn, either pack them away, or be ruthless and send them off to the charity shop. Someone will really appreciate those shorts that haven’t seen the light of day in years.
  8. One of the hardest things to de-clutter are things which we have an emotional attachment too. So we understand that sentimental things are hard to part with. Fort Box has the solution for these precious items with small storage facilities, or large household storage units London. Completely flexible Fortbox can accommodate all kinds of storage. Whether it’s beloved photographs and memorabilia, children’s toys, antique pieces or seasonal decorations. When you want to de-clutter and de-camp your treasured possessions, choose storage units London to take care of everything for you. With flexible storage solutions to choose from, Fort Box takes the stress out of de cluttering. You could also store away important documents in our small self-storage units London. And with 24 hour monitoring, a personal PIN and padlock access, you’ve complete peace of mind. Find out more, take a look at our storage units London today.
  9. Get your friends involved. If the task is too much for you, why not get your friends or family involved. They can help you rationalise what to put into storage units London, and what to keep in your house.
  10. Don’t forget to recycle wherever possible – for an all round feel good approach to de-cluttering. Check out more great tips heron de-cluttering here

With London house price inflation rising to 7%, self-storage units London are in demand

With house prices continuing to soar, The Office for National Statistics has recently reported that annual rate inflation has jumped to almost 7%, with the average cost of a UK home said to be £254,000.

The Guardian reports ‘Growing demand from buyers – fuelled by government schemes to help borrowers and increasing confidence in the economy – and a continued shortage of properties for sale are driving rises in all parts of the UK. The average house price in January was 6.8% higher than a year earlier, up from a 5.5% increase in December.’

Move or improve? Savvy homeowners are choosing self-storage units London, and staying put.

With growth being driven by London and the south east, Fort Box has seen a significant increase in the demand for self-storage units London. In particular the Fort Box self storage centre in Oxford has noticed many more enquiries and uptake of their self storage units London. It would seem that people are becoming much more switched on to the benefits of using self storage units. With price for London property still at a record high, smart thinking homeowners are choosing to improve their current homes – placing goods and household furniture in short term storage units London, whilst they do so.

David Niven, the manager of Fort Box Oxford reflects on the current demand for self-storage units London “The increase in demand for our short term storage solutions, has been significant. Whilst this is clearly great for business and goes some way to reinforce the quality of the service we provide at Fort Box Oxford, it’s also a reflection on the current property market. With short term storage space available from just 7 days, homeowners are taking advantage of our flexible storage space terms, whilst they improve their current properties.”

Read more about the current property market here.