Wine Storage and a Military Bunker!

The London based wine storage firm London City Bond has recently bought a military bunker to expand it’s wine storage facilities. The Second World War Munitions Bunker will create more private vaults for their clients.

The bunker has been converted into 15 storage vaults with concrete walls and is located in Dinton Woods near Salisbury. Each vault is approximately 280 to 520 square meters and will provide additional storage space for up to 180,000 cases of wine.

Private wine investors and import companies will be particularly excited about the new development, which adds to London City Bonds already 93,000 square meter storage capacity across London and the Midlands.

Use us for London Self Storage

There are lots of self storage options in London. With such a large city with so many people and businesses, just imagine the amount of storage space needed! Where do all of these big London businesses store their files? Where do all of the thousands of house movers store their furniture? Where do all the students put their possessions for the summer?

Well there are loads of different storage solutions to choose from. So why should you choose Fortbox? Here are just a few good reasons;

  1. We have the lowest London storage price guaranteed! If you find identical storage for less, we will match it and great it by a further 10% of the difference.
  2. We give you a free van collection on some deals.
  3. Get one month free on external units (for a limited time only).
  4. If you refer a friend, we will give you 1 week free storage.

As if that isn;t good reason enough, we are also really really nice! Ok so that probably isn’t high on your list of priorities when looking for storage solutions, but we think it is important! If you like us, you will trust us with your property and everyone will be happy. It’s that simple really.

We will make your storage logistics as easy and stress free as possible. We are only too aware of how stressful moving house, or moving work premises can be. We have plenty of tired, desperate looking people coming through our doors. Our job is to make them smile! Shifting boxes isn’t the most fun thing in the world. We appreciate that. But it can be a lot less painful if you have the right help and the right facilities at hand. If you get a great storage deal, at the right price, in a convenient location and that storage is easy to access, then moving all of those boxes might not be such a pain!

We don;t promise to make you fall in love with our London storage solutions, but we do promise to make the whole process a lot easier!

Storage for Students in London


Storage for students in London is the great alternative to lugging your stuff around! You’ll have peace of mind knowing that all your gear is safe and sound in a clean, dry unit, ready to pick up whenever you’re ready.

Student Storage – the benefits

No more loading up your parents’ car at vacation time or worrying that you’ve left valuable stuff in your rented place. With storage for students you can choose the right size unit for you to stash however little or as much as you need, right when you need to.

Our student storage units in London start at 10 sq.ft., which is perfect to store a good few boxes of books and other student essentials as well as the bits and bobs that can stay put when you don’t need to! All of our storage for students units are individually alarmed, monitored by 24 hour digital CCTV and accessed only using your own personal PIN and padlock key. So you can safely leave more valuable items too, like your PC equipment, TV, DVD player, games consoles…whatever you don’t want to leave lying around a student house or student flat, but don’t want the hassle of transporting home at the end of term or when you’re moving accommodation. You can rent your student storage unit for as short a time as one week, through to however long you’d like!

Storage for Students – why not gang up on us?

Because we’ve a full range of unit sizes across London catering for storage for students, why not gang up with some friends and make your storage needs even more cost-effective by sharing a larger unit between you? This gives you great flexibility with housemates, perhaps when you’ve doubled up on household items or simply don’t have the space to store your gear.

Our storage for students units are accessible during our opening hours, or you can choose to have extended 24 hour access.  You can also track all your storage items via smart phone or online using our SmartTrakr™ system. And if you’d like, we can install shelving, lighting and electrical outlets to your student storage unit.

If you’re looking for storage for students in London, look no further! Just contact us to discover the range of options we can offer you to ensure all your stuff is kept safe and sound.

Stock Storage London – safe, convenient and secure

Safe and secure stock storage in London from Fort Box couldn’t be more convenient. Our stock storage units come in  a range of sizes so you can store as much or as little stock as you like, freeing up your office or home space.

Stock Storage for small businesses and the self-employed 

If you’re starting out in business supplying goods to customers or have taken on a self-employed role that requires you to keep stock, then stock storage could be the perfect solution for you. Our clean, dry units will keep all your stock in one place ready for you to drop off or collect boxes from your stock storage unit whenever suits you best. Our stock storage units also come complete with these FREE services:

  • SmartTrakr™ so you can keep track of your stock storage items via smart phone or online
  • Door-to-door item retrieval and delivery – for customers with inventoried stock storage boxes. You can claim one FREE pick-up or retrieval each week.
  • Office Amenities – we offer FREE printing, copying, faxing and Wi-Fi

We can also tailor your stock storage unit in London to your own individual needs – we can add shelving, lighting and electrical outlets to make your stock storage unit as comfortable as possible for your use.

You can also opt to have access to your stock storage unit during our opening hours only, or you can choose extended 24 hour access so you can always get to your stock, any time of day or night.

About our Stock Storage units

All of our units – starting at just 10 sq.ft. – are individually alarmed, monitored by 24 hour digital CCTV and accessed only using your own personal PIN and padlock key. Whatever the amount or size of the stock items you need to store, we’ll have a stock storage unit that meets your needs and you can even make use of our Personal Organiser service. This helps you to arrange your stock storage unit as conveniently as possible, so you can get to what you need quickly and conveniently.

For stock storage in London, we believe that you won’t find a better service or facilities than ours. Simply contact us to discuss your stock storage requirements in London and we’ll put together a quote for you.