5 common domestic storage arguments

1. Wedding Dress

What are us married ladies supposed to do with our beloved wedding dresses? Most of the time they are hugely bulky items with acres of netting and hoops and veils…….and basically really impractical to store. But we want to keep them forever and ever! If it was only as easy as our husbands would make us believe ‘Just sell it! You are never going to wear it again!’. That’s not the point at all! The memories associated with that dress cannot simply be given away. Every few years we want to get that dress out of storage and think back to those early days of heady romance and be reminded of our figures before children came along and wrecked things forever!

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a massive walk in wardrobe where you can have your fairytale dress on constant display, then you will need a storage solution. Getting your other half to climb up into the attic to store it safely and ensure it doesn’t get damp or eaten by squirrels is a major gamble. So what are the other options? Well you could always turn to Fortbox to get safe, secure and damp-proof storage to ensure that your wedding dress is forever kept in the same beautiful condition as the day it was worn. And at least then you can be ensured that if you ever want to wear it again.

2. Record collections

So now turn the table on the husbands. Not meaning to be stereotypical, but in general; it may be safe to suggest that the male alternative to the wedding dress dilemma is the beloved record collection. Just how bulky and impractical is a collection of 1000’s of LP’s to store? Very! And the men will argue that it is just as important to keep them clean and dry. So why not throw this into the bargain when you are negotiating the wedding dress storage? If you have to part with the dress, then he can part with his records! Done deal.

3. Golf Clubs

Ok, so whilst we are on a roll, now lets look at his Golf Clubs – I mean, how much do they really get used? Once a year???? Oh yes, we all know the New Years Resolution is to get more exercise and therefore spend more time on the golf course, but if it isn’t blazing sunshine, which lets face it, it rarely is in this country, the blokes never get out on the golf course. So those flipping golf clubs are stuck cluttering up the garage, or even worse – in the car boot so that you can never get your shopping bags in. Do us all a favour gents – put them in storage!

4. Shoes

Lets try and redress the balance a bit here. The winter months tend to bring out a whole new collection of boots and coats for us ladies. Yes we do need that many pairs of Uggs! But I must admit, they do tend to go to waste in the summer. I sometimes find myself staring at them longingly in mid August almost wishing for a snowy day to have an excuse to make my feet happy and wrap them up in my winter boots. Last year I bought a lovely coat right at the end of the winter and wore it just once! So for the rest of the year it just took up room on the coat rack. I suppose a sensible solution would be to put winter items into storage for the few summery months that we may be lucky to get this year.

5. Bikes

I know that in London this one is a particular favourite argument between husbands and wives and also housemates. Bike storage! If like my partner, one bike simply isn’t enough, where on earth do you store multiple bikes? London commuters are similar to the golf brigade – fair weather only! They all start off with good intentions, and then as soon as it gets a bit rainy or cold, the bike is forgotten about and they are back on the bus or tube. So if like my other half, you have somehow ended up with three bikes, and use none of them, how about putting at least two of them in storage???????

If any of the above scenarios sound familiar to you, why not give us a call at Fortbox and you may be pleasantly surprised at how cost effective our storage solutions can be. Easy access storage especially in London can make a huge improvement to your quality of life. With so many possessions and so little room these days, storage solutions are definitely worth considering. Call us on 0800 023 7074 to find out how we can help.

Moving overseas? Or working away for a while? Get peace of mind with Fortbox self storage London.

You’re here for a good time, not a long time (as the adage goes), so when an opportunity comes along – that much awaited contract in Barcelona, or a paper writing sabbatical in New Zealand… when such things arise, you have to grab them with both hands. I really enjoy catching up with customers who’ve had short term contracts in some lovely far flung destinations. (I have to say, with more than a little envy.) How fab to just up and go for a while. Well, if you’ve just put your signature aganst that contract, and now need to look into some temporary storage solutions for your treasured possessions – speak to Fortbox. Our self-storage units London are available on flexible ‘no tie-in’ terms – so whether it’s a few months or a whole year, you can rely on completely secure, competitively priced self storage London.

Temporary storage units London for contract workers

It might be that you’re just heading further north for a few months, or you’ve nailed that contract in Paris.. Whatever the reason for your temporary move, you need to know that your cherished possessions are going to be looked after whilst you’re away. You can rest easy with Fortbox self storage London, our storage units come with 24/7 surveillance, a personal pin and alarm, for total peace of mind. So you can work away without worrying about your most valued belongings. It’s just not wise to leave personal, precious things in your home whilst you’re away – it makes sense to put them in secure storage London, so you know that they’re completely safe.

Gap year or a language student spending a year out in France?

If your degree features a year abroad – well, lucky you, first off, secondly, what are you going to do with all of your stuff whilst you’re away? If you don’t fancy the idea of lugging it all back to mum and dads, or having the hassle of potential arguments for moving your gear back in – why not think about Fortbox self storage London? We’ve a flexible range of self storage units which you can use to store all your books, your bike, your stereo, PC – literally everything you need, but that isn’t essential for your trip, you can place in self storage London. Our storage units London offer a safe, secure place for you to store your personal possessions, and with 24/7 surveillance, your own pin and alarm, you can have confidence that everything will be OK whilst you carry on with your studies.

What’s more you can acccess your things as and when you need – with extended 24 hour access available if you wish. We’ll even help you customise your storage space, with bespoke shelving, lighting and electrical outlets. Find out more by talking to the Fortbox team.

Your cherished record collection… Your Gran’s best antique table… The kids first toys … However treasured, however beloved… let Fortbox self storage London take care of it – whilst you regain some much needed space.

It’s surprising just how many secret hoarders there are amongst us. I’m not without guilt myself, books are my thing – they are literally everywhere, my husband keeps threatening to burn them all and replace them with some kind of digital device! The horror. So I empathise, I do.

I understand that there are just some things that you can’t be parted with. But how about merely separated from for a while, so you can free up some much needed space?

Need more space? Think about storing your record collection or cherished antiques at one of Fortbox secure self storage units London.

If your record collection, or the kids expansive collection of ‘first’ toys are becoming a bone of contention, or the brunt of arguments, then it’s time to do something about it. And if you find yourself saying ‘I need more space’, often, then even moreso. At Fortbox self-storage London, we’ve a range of storage units to cater for every conceivable ‘hoard’. So whether it’s a few antiques and a small set of records, or a substantial collection and several room fulls of furniture and toys, we can help.

Totally secure, monitored self storage units London

Whether it’s something short term you’re looking for, until you’ve de-cluttered the rest of your home, or a more long term storage solution you’re after – at Fortbox you can hire our self storage units London for as long as you like. You can depend on highly secure storage units, with 24/7 surveillance monitoring. You’ll also be given your own individual pin and padlock, along with an alarm for your storage unit London. And because our storage units are let on flexible terms, you don’t have to be anxious about being tied in to any contracts – you can use your storage unit London for as long, or as little time as you wish.

Need help de-cluttering your home?

Well the first port of call is to move all the things that you really don’t need, but want, over to self storage London. But if there’s something niggling you about how you simply can’t give anything away, or you’re still hanging on to every school book, from every lesson.. then maybe this link will help you prioritise your hoards…


After all, you don’t want to turn into the secret hoarder next door: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-hoarder-next-door

Reclaim your space today with a little help from Fortbox self storage London.

Planning an extension? Move everything over to self-storage London. Free up your space, and ease your mind.

Planning to renovate, or extend your home? Let Fortbox self-storage units London take the pressure off. There’s nothing worse than trying to restore and decorate your home whilst’s it’s still full of furniture. Fortbox self-storage units are the ideal solution. Whether it’s a month’s project or an entire year, we’ve flexible storage solutions London for you to choose from. With self-storage units available from only 10 sq ft you can store as much or as little as you’d like. For many of our home renovating clients, they generally tend to store things by floors. So if it’s just the downstairs you’re extending, you might want to store everything on that level in one of our secure self-storage units London?

I have some really valuable antiques. Will they be safe in your self-storage units London?

Protecting valuables, and worries about the security of self-storage units, is something we hear on a daily basis at Fortbox self-storage units London. We understand it must be stressful leaving your precious possessions in somebody elses care.. but really don’t worry. Each and every self-storage unit London we hire is completely safe and secure. From your own pin and padlock to 24/7 surveillance, the safeguarding of your storage is something we take very seriously at Fortbox self-storage London. We’ve got everything you need to keep things nice and secure too, including boxes, tape and bubble wrap. So you can make sure everything is well and truly protected, including Aunt Marg’s special vase.

Just some of the things you can expect from Fortbox self-storage London

  • Friendly, reliable and dedicated customer service
  • A great range of clean, safe and secure self-storage units London
  • Flexible weekly contracts for all your self storage London needs
  • 24/7 surveillance, alarm and personal pin protection

A few ornaments or the entire kitchen. At Fortbox self-storage units London we have a range of storage units for you to choose from.

Regardless of how much stuff you have to store, Fortbox self-storage London can help. And once you have everything out of the way, you’ll have a clean slate so you can get on with your renovation project in earnest. You might find that once you’ve renovated, you’re not so keen on the idea of bringing everything back… Self-storage is much more affordable than you think, and might just be the answer if you wanted to keep some of your valuable antiques protected.. but not cluttering up your brand new extension. Why not talk to our team on 0800 023 7074 to find out more about our range of flexible storage solutions London.

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The big storage revelation… Self-storage isn’t a place to store unwanted junk… The Independent investigates…

Well, we knew that already at Fortbox self-storage London.. Though we do raise an eyebrow now and again.. most of our clients choose to use our self-storage units London for storing their valuable household and commercial goods… But there’s a new type of self-storage user who is actually helping to boost the UK economy. Meet the storage entrepreneur.

‘As businesses downscale and cut back, self storage facilities are becoming the base of choice for a new generation of lean, low-level pop-up entrepreneurs, attracted by flexibility, cheap rents and the convenience of a no-ties agreement. From mini-gyms to music academies and recycling centres, self storage units, with their adaptable functionality, are increasingly the blank canvasses on to which new businesses are painted.’ http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/this-britain/through-the-keyhole-selfstorage-units-arenrsquot-just-for-stashing-junk-2335377.html

Could you be a self-storage entrepreneur?…

The Self Storage Association reported a 5 percent move away from domestic clients last month. Though it may seem a small percentage it’s a clear indicator of the rise of the storage entrepreneur.

Rodney Walker, the association’s CEO, explains: “We’re seeing a change in the proportion of business customers to private customers. This is part of the recessionary effect. If you are starting a business in today’s landscape it makes sense to use a facility that is flexible and cheap. For start-ups, self storage has always been a potentially more cost-effective way of getting established.”

One such client, is Philip, a professional fighter who teaches martial arts. ‘At the beginning of 2009 we were renting space in a commercial gym. We had a team of fighters we were training but we discovered that the facilities in commercial gyms are not set up for the discipline Philip teaches – mixed martial arts (MMA). For that you need specific mats and we also wanted to have our own cage as, at competition level, MMA takes place in a cage. The overheads of starting a new business in our own premises would have been huge, around £3,000 a month, which we couldn’t have afforded.’

Later that September, they moved into a 880sq ft storage unit London. ‘Within six months we’d built up enough clients to rent the unit next door. We took down the partition wall and made it into a single unit. As the business grew, we rented more space. We now have 300 students registered with us and 70 to 80 active members at any one time. We recently moved again, to a bigger unit on the same site. It has the bonus of being near the manager’s office, which has a shower our members can use.’

Philip can’t praise (and their advantages) self-storage units London enough. ‘It may seem strange to have a gym in self storage but the advantages are obvious. We can create our own space and as the business grows and the cashflow increases we can add additional room. There are no business rates, there are no water or electricity bills. Everything is included in the one price so it is much easier to budget.”

Charities, Rock Academies and an Eco Friendly Designers.. it’s surprising and refreshing to see just how diverse the use of people’s self-storage units London is! To think all that potential is just sitting here in one of our self storage units London!

Get the full story on Britain’s storage unit entrepreneurs here:


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The new term beckons… Have you got your student accommodation London sorted?

It doesn’t seem two minutes since you were celebrating the end of term, but sadly… it’s nearly that time.. The new term beckons. Have you got your student accommodation London sorted? Or are you still searching? If you need a little more time to search don’t panic. At Fortbox we still have some storage units for students London left. So if you need somewhere to store your books, PC, and more importantly your furniture… don’t worry, we have a range of student self-storage units for you to choose from. It might be that you’ve just a few boxes to store? Then why not share a storage unit with a friend, so you can save a little on the cost? Not that you’ll have to worry there either, as our self-storage units are really reasonably priced. If you’re being nagged to get your stuff from out of under Mum and Dads’ feet, then self-storage units London could just be the solution.

I’ve found my new student place, but there isn’t much space for all my things…

Maybe you’ve found your ideal student accommodation London, but with it being London and all.. there isn’t much space for things other than your essentials? Then Fortbox self-storage for students London can help. With units from just 10sq ft, you can move those things you hold dear to a nearby self-storage unit, and not have to worry about the cost. And as you’ll have your own key, pin and padlock, you can come and go as often as you please. Completely safe and secure our student self-storage units London have 24/7 surveillance, and each unit is alarmed for added peace of mind.

Student storage London – it’s more affordable than you think with Fortbox self-storage…

With flexible weekly contracts our self-storage units for students are just the answer. When you’re searching for new accommodation as the new term looms, the last thing you want to be worrying about is what to do with your stuff. You don’t want to leave it cluttering up your parents’ place, or leave it lurking in a friends house… you never know who might take a fancy to it! Student self storage that’s affordable is now yours for the taking with Fortbox self-storage London. Talk to our team today about the various self-storage options for students. Give them a call on 0800 023 7074.
Accessible during regular opening hours, or with extended 24 hour access, you can have confidence that you can get to your goods when you really need to. You can even customise your student storage London, by having shelves, lighting and electrical outlets installed exactly where you want them. And you can track your stored goods too, by smart phone or online using our SmartTrakr system! Simple. Find out more by talking to our team.

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More space… A little room to grow. A place for all your office paperwork… Whatever the reason, let Fortbox self storage make life that bit easier.

There are so many reasons people choose to use Fortbox self-storage London, but for many, it’s just nice to reclaim some much needed space. Whether your teenager’s been hoarding every magazine they’ve ever bought and just can’t face tipping them! Or you’ve been hanging on to all those ‘baby essentials’ (when essentially, this is now the same teenager we’re talking about…) Or you want to make a little room in your office for a new meeting table and chairs. Whatever the reason, Fortbox self-storage London can help you get the space you’re longing for desperately. All for much less than you might think.

Competitively priced self-storage units London

Safe, secure, and available on flexible weekly contracts you can hire our self-storage units London for as long as you like. Whatever you’d generally expect from a self-storage company London, you can expect from Fortbox – but when it comes to customer service we like to go that bit further. That’s why with our self-storage units London, you also get 24/7 surveillance, your own personal pin and padlock and individual alarms for each storage unit. So you can be absolutely sure that whatever you have in storage, is well and truly looked after. And with flexible contracts available you don’t have to worry about being tied in to an all year deal! We can look after all your precious valuables for as long or short a time, as you need.

De-cluttering the office over the summer?

If tou’re taking advantage of the fact that most people are off over the summer, by giving the office a little TCL. Why not take advantage of Fortbox commercial self-storage unit London offers? Again, these are available on flexible contract terms. Maybe you just need somewhere to store all your office paraphernalia, paperwork and furniture for a couple of weeks, whilst you set about de-cluttering and sprucing up? We can help. Many London businesses choose to use Fortbox self-storage units for storing important office work whilst they renovate. With some choosing to keep a smaller self-storage unit on for vital documents and archived accounts. Why not find out more about our commercial storage units London deals today? Talk to one of our team on 0800 023 7074.

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Heading home for the summer? Keep everything safe & sound with student storage units London.

Summer, summer, summer time. 🙂 It’s good to be heading home after a semi hard year of studying. (Well it can’t all be work, work, work, can it?) It’s time to hang up your scholar’s cap for a few months and get ready for some serious downtime. Just one small problem? Where to store everything whilst you’re away! With Fortbox student storage units London, you can head back home for the summer without a worry in the world. Whether it’s storage for your books, computer, TV, or bike, or storage for everything whilst you find your next home for the new academic year, Fortbox student storage units London have it covered.

Safe & secure student storage units London

So many students worry about leaving their valuables in their rented home over the summer, but don’t want to pester their parents. (Mum and dad aren’t really up for hauling everything back from uni in their new convertable!) Student storage units London are the best all round solution, and you can choose a storage unit London that’s just the right size for your stuff.
Our student storage units London start from 10 sq.ft – perfect for stacking away all those study books and paraphernalia, along with your prized possessions too, your PC, DVD, TV, games consoles…all your band gear as well if you want. Whatever you don’t want to drag back home, but is really precious to you. Whatever you need from your student storage unit London, Fortbox has it. Super secure, our storage units have 24/7 surveillance, and come with individual alarms, a personal pin and padlock. So you can have complete confidence that all your student storage London is well protected… Whether it’s all summer long, or just for a couple of weeks, Fortbox storage units London are completely flexible.

Looking for student storage units London? Save money – share the cost!

Why not share storage units with friends?

At Fortbox we’ve student storage facilities that can accommodate a complete housefull of stuff! So if you’re renting with friends, why not get them to store their belongings too, and share the cost? You could get a large storage unit London for half the price! Within each student storage unit London you can have customised shelving, lighting and electrical points, to help you organise it exactly as you like!

So if you’re looking for student storage units London, look to Fortbox storage units first. Drop us an email to find out more about our extensive range of student storage units and our services.

Wondering what to do over the summer? Once you’ve sorted your student storage problem, beat the boredom with these top tips!:

Wondering what to do with all those business documents?

If you can’t see your desk for mountains of paperwork, and the shelves are stacked high with last years accounts… it’s time to get organised, and get archiving. Let Fortbox help, with document storage London we can make sure all your important business documents are safe and secure. You’d be surprised by the effect clutter can have on your workspace and your performance, as this interesting article highlights.

In a bid to create a more professional, clean working environment, many businesses are turning to document storage London. Secure in the knowledge that essential paperwork will be stored away safe and sound, you can turn your attentions to more important tasks – like keeping your clients happy. When your desk is swamped with paper it’s hard to keep your focus. As one of the UK’s leading document storage companies London you can depend upon an impeccable, flexible service, tailored to meet your needs.

Businesses are required by law to keep hold of certain paperwork, such as accounts and trading documentation. With document storage London you can ensure these vital files are stored without cluttering up your office space. At Fortbox, we look after documents for businesses large and small who either want to reclaim their work environment, or simply want to know that their important business documents are archived securely. Flexible and cost effective, document storage units London can be rented on a weekly basis.

Comprehensive & cost effective, Fortbox document storage London offers an exceptional range of servives, including lots of FREE features that come as standard as part of your document storage London package:

  • Door-to-door item retrieval and delivery – if you have inventoried document storage boxes, Fortbox offers one FREE pick-up or retrieval each week.
  • SmartTrakr™ helps you track your document storage London by mobile phone, or online.
  • Professional shredding – get rid of sensitive business documents safely with our free shredding service, available on-site.
  • Use our office whilst you’re sorting yours – with Fortbox office storage facilities you get FREE printing, copying, faxing and Wi-Fi!

A home from home – design your office storage facility London to suit you.

When organisation is key, Fortbox document storage units London have the answer. Designed to suit you, we can install shelves, lights and electrical points exactly where you’d like them, so that you can easily access what you need. Why not take advantage of our Professional Organiser service, our friendly super organised team will help you prioritise your documents, so that you can easily get to important paperwork when you need to.

For safe, secure, document storage London, talk to one of our team today.

Things are looking up. With self-storage units London – you can start putting that attic space to better use! What could you do with yours?

Space… the final frontier.

With space in London at an absolute premium, homeowners are looking to move up, rather than move out. Property prices are placing ‘upsizing’ out of reach, but what if that much needed attic room is packed to the rafters with last year’s winter clothes, the kids’ toys, business stuff and Christmas decs.. what then? Look to self-storage units London for help. With flexible, affordable self-storage units to choose from, you’ll have that loft sorted in no-time.

But what will you use your shiny new attic for?

  • A smart attic office?
  • A chic new attic bedroom?
  • A contemporary teenage pad with shower?
  • A snug attic retreat?
  • A sweet attic nursery?

The possibilities are endless.

Before the renovations begin, it’s time to get to grips with that attic clearout. Moving things out to your self-storage unit London will take a great weight off your mind. You’ll be surprised with how much space you’ll have to play with once all the clutter and family heirlooms are out of the way! If you’re a self confessed hoarder, and need a little help, take a look at Unclutterer for lots of top tips on how to get, and keep, your home organised. Fortbox self-storage units London are a prime way of getting your home looking great. Plus you’ll have complete peace of mind that your prized possessions are being cared for properly. We’ve a range of self-storage units to meet your individual needs. So whether it’s a small attic space you’re de-cluttering, or an epic room you have to clear out, we’ve flexible self-storage units to choose from, available on a weekly contract basis. Things are most definitely looking up. Take a look at our self-storage unit London solutions here to find out more.