Document Storage Headache?

Most businesses whether big or small need to store documents legally for a minimum of six years. As you will know if you are a business owner, this can cause a whole heap of problems. Where to store your documents, how to keep your documents organised, how to keep the documents clean and waterproof, how to keep the documents secure…….the list is endless. So many business owners we have come across in Oxford and London have this same headache.

As a small business owner the normal solution is to buy some simple document storage boxes and keep them in your garage or loft space. But six years of accounts, and client records? That can take up a lot of room. And what about when the dreaded VAT man comes to visit? You have to climb up into your attic to try and retrieve year’s worth of invoices and receipts. What a nightmare!

Or if you are a charitable business and have to file company tax returns as well as your charity board meeting notes on a monthly basis. That can lead to a lot of paperwork! One such charity that came to us desperate for help, had kept 20 years worth of paperwork in the cellar of the business premises. After flash floods one year, nearly all of their documents were ruined, causing quite a problem for the auditors.

In this day and age, we may have digital technology to help us out, and yes this does provide a great additional security to document storage. However, as business owners, we still need to keep receipts, and we still need to file accounts. Not everything is computer based yet, and neither will it ever reach that stage. Computers can still break, and documents can still be lost. We still need our document storage options.

Fortbox offer a great solution with their document storage facilities in Oxford and London. You can even do your document shredding on-site using the confidential shredding services.

You have the freedom and flexibility to access your securely stored documents and can rent shelving units to help you to be that extra bit organised. So if your document storage is giving you a headache, why not give our team a call today on 0800 023 7074.

9 Things You Could Do if You Cleaned Out Your Garage

Autumn brings a wonderful opportunity to de-clutter your home and reclaim some space for the cold months ahead.  Start by recovering your garage from the ever-growing stack of old removal boxes and dusty sporting equipment.

Cleaning out your garage can be a daunting task, but Fort Box Self Storage is happy to help with household storageremoval services and free storage services.  To help you imagine the possibilities, we’ve put together a list to inspire your garage rescue.


1. Start your own business like Steve Jobs.

Credit: Blog of the World
Credit: Blog of the World


2. Start your own garage band like The Who, The Troggs, or the Velvet Underground.

The Who
The Who


3. Convert your garage into a game room for your family.

Credit: House Logic
Credit: House Logic

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