Find The Right Self Storage Unit Size For You

Finding the right storage unit size can be a very difficult task. Storage companies quote a storage rate based on the size you need, which makes it hard if you don’t know. Have no fear; I have some helpful tips to get you through this process:

  • Take a few minutes to create an inventory of the items you will be storing. Bonus if you have size dimensions!
  • Visit our self storage guide tool to get an idea of what unit might fit your needs. Keep in mind you can stack boxes.
  • Call one of our friendly members of staff (0800 023 7074)and talk through the items you will be storing. They can help determine what storage unit size is best for you.
  • Visit one of our storage centres and use our state-of-the-art touch screen size guide tool. Once you have narrowed down your choice you can go and visit the room to make sure it’s the right fit.

Considering the steps above will ensure you have selected the right storage unit size for you. However, if you show up to one of our Fort Box storage locations and find that size will not work, we are always happy to move you to the next size room pending availability at no additional cost.

self storage touch screen size guide tool
Fort Box Self Storage Touch Screen