Fort Box Self Storage Supports Major League Baseball Skills Camp in London

We had a “ball” down at the Canary Wharf last weekend co-sponsoring London Baseball’s Major League Baseball (MLB) Players Skills Camp. Former MLB baseball players visited from across the pond to teach local kids the fundamentals of playing baseball. Being active in our community is one of the core values at Fort Box Self Storage.

Kids enjoyed building forts out of the hundreds of boxes supplied by Fort Box. There were some very creative forts built throughout the day, including one with a built in hammock (see picture below)! We were honored to be the exclusive storage company supporting the event. Everyone left with lots of baseball knowledge and our team is prepared to strike out our competition this year!

For more information on London sports, please visit their website

Learning Baseball Tips from Mike StanleyFort Box Self Storage TeamStorage Box Fort

Business Storage Solutions for Online Entrepreneurs

The Internet has revolutionized the way we do our shopping. Think about the benefits like convenience, better pricing, variety, and my personal favourite, avoiding of crowds! There is nothing better than making a cup of tea and browsing sites with a click of a button. This online phenomenon has produced some amazing online businesses started right from the entrepreneurs home.

There are so many stories of successful start-ups. One common thread among online start-ups is when their inventory starts to overtake their household storage space. This is a great problem to have and its the perfect time to consider business storage solutions!

Business storage is a useful and flexible solution for online businesses.  You can start with a 20 sq ft storage unit and increase or decrease in size based on your stock requirements. Rentals are weekly so you don’t need to worry about lease requirements or pay for unused space. Storage facilities are built with businesses in mind and provide wide access doors to allow easy access to your items.

At our London and Oxford storage locations we offer a Storage Customisation service and design the storage unit to fit your needs, including shelving, lighting, or electrical outlets. We also offer a free Item Retrieval and Delivery service for business storage and weekly deliver boxes from your business storage unit to your home.

Starting your own online business gives you complete freedom to control your own destiny and online shoppers like me a stress free experience. Speaking of shopping, I must get back to my online shopping cart!

Spring Cleaning – Organising and De-cluttering Household Storage

Spring is here! Its time to pack up that winter gear and de-clutter your living space! Why do most people assume spring is the best time for cleaning? It would be lovely to hear your thoughts, email me at

If you are in the cleaning, organising, and de-cluttering mood; here are a few things to consider.

  • Take a box and label it, “Household Storage”. Put everything in that box that doesn’t quite have a place to call home in your house. At the end of the week, go through the box and anything you don’t need discard or donate. Create a storage system with the remaining items.
  • If you’re like most town dwellers, your space is limited. Instead of stuffing that winter parka under your bed consider renting a household storage unit. Many of our customers change their storage unit items with each season.
  • Invest in storage solutions to contain clutter. You can buy tables, beds, and many other pieces of furniture that keep clutter out of sight.

Look around, you’re on your way to an organised and clutter-free home.