Moving to London – Consider Renting Cheap Storage Space

The average cost for a one bedroom flat in London is about £700 a month, according to  Add together all your other monthly charges and your wallet might be left a little flat. The good news is with careful planning and cost-saving solutions you can be on you way to enjoying everything London has to offer, all while keeping that wallet plump!

Here are a few of the cost-saving storage strategies you should consider:

  • Depending on where you are moving from you will quickly realise the lack of storage space available in most the flats throughout the city. Consider renting cheap storage space in London, a Louise tested tip!You can find a cheap storage unit (check out Fort Box storage discounts) and use the space in your flat more effectively.
  • Utilise the excellent public transport networks. You can get a monthly zone 1-2 travelcard for a little over £100 per month.
  • Store seasonal items like your winter wardrobe, bike, or maybe your collection of shoes (that you just can’t part with!) in a cheap storage unit,  you can then rent a smaller flat and save money. Another great use for a storage unit is to store your items while you are searching for a flat. Since many of them rent out on a weekly basis you can use as long as you need.
  • Stop in and stock up at charity shops. Walk down any High Street in London and you are sure to see a few charity shops where you can stock up on cheap household items to get you through those first months.

There are lots of way to be frugal (or should I say sensible!) when you move to London. By renting a smaller flat and considering cheap storage space, you can take advantage of everything the city has to offer. How are you utilising your storage space? Share your story, email me at

Cheap Storage in London
Moving to London? Consider These Cost-saving Ideas!