With fewer children leaving home, self-storage London could save your sanity!

A new survey from the Royal Mail’s inaugural Home Movers Study shows that one in five house-moving families are now looking for a bigger home because so many children are still living with their parents into their twenties and beyond.

Parents who feel that their adult children stand little chance of getting onto the property ladder – certainly now that house prices are well and truly back on the rise – are no longer downsizing but seeking larger properties instead to accommodate the kids who can’t fly the nest.

But almost half of homeowners have had to wait longer than they wanted to make the move, with a third saying there’s a real lack of suitable homes on the market. So what to do when the kids have arrived back to the family home from University or their travels, and there’s just not enough space for everyone’s stuff? Stress levels can rise to the rafters! So self-storage London is the perfect solution, especially if a house move is on the horizon.

With a self-storage London unit you can start by stashing all the items the family doesn’t use regularly but still wants to keep hold of. Then, if you are looking to move house in the near future, what better way to take the stress out of all the last minute packing when you do find the perfect place? Rent a self-storage London unit and you can go slow and steady, perhaps packing a few boxes a week or month and storing them safely in your self-storage London unit until you’re settled in to your new home and ready to collect them.

Self-storage London units are a great value-for-money solution to ensure that all the family’s belongings are kept safe and sound whilst your home is kept as clutter-free as possible! And, as the survey reveals, with more and more parents expecting their children to live with them well into adulthood, they’re really waiting it out to find the right new family home. So to keep peace and harmony in the home you’re already in, avoiding rows about bikes and boxes everywhere and just no space to store anything, your self-storage London unit can take care of the overspill whilst you seek out the dream home that will finally have the space you all need!

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