Why Self-Storage is the Business

Many more of us are now running our own businesses in a self-employed or franchisee capacity, and that can impact on space at home if you’ve stock to store. So why not think about self-storage London?

Whilst many people think that self-storage London units are for household use only, savvy small business owners are really realising that renting a self-storage London unit is the most cost-effective way to store their products or other business equipment, leaving spare rooms at home, well, as spare space for other stuff!

You can rent a self-storage London unit for as little or as long time as you like. So it’s a fantastic stop-gap whilst you get your business going without having to rent premises or pay hefty council and utility bills. Our self-storage London units come in all sizes, so you can store simply a few boxes of products right through to larger items that you need for your business but don’t want to store at home.

Renting a self-storage London unit for business purposes does make financial sense – everything you store is safe and secure, accessible and a self-storage London unit offers you genuine flexibility.

Once you’ve rented your own self-storage London unit, we can add shelving, lighting and electrical outlets to make your self-storage London unit a second office – our on-site amenities also include free printing, copying, faxing, wi-fi and even professional shredding of any business documents you no longer need. And if you inventory your self-storage boxes, we also offer a free item and retrieval delivery service which means we’ll bring what you need right to your door, right when you need it.

And how about file and document storage? These things can take up such a lot of space at home or in your office space, but do need to be kept safe and secure. Renting a small self-storage London unit means that you can box up and keep all your important business documents in one place, there when you need them, but out of your way whilst you don’t!

And, of course, you can chop and change the size of your self-storage London unit whenever it suits you. If your business is seasonal, there may be times that you have more stock or items to store, so you may need to rent a larger self-storage unit. Then, there might be times when a smaller self-storage unit better suits your needs.

It’s this kind of value-for-money flexibility that makes self-storage for small businesses the business!

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