Tool Storage Solutions that might just save your marriage!

We know how difficult it is for you local tradesmen and women to keep your other half happy. If you are a local builder you will no doubt have tools strewn all over your house driving your partner up the wall!

Your garage space is probably full to the brim of different tools and gadgets that are really important to you, but maybe the wife wants to keep her car in the garage, or find space for the kids toys. It is a common dilemma for tradesmen. There is often no room in the work van for passengers, or for transporting anything as it is always full to the brim of all of the tools of your trade.

Even if you have a specific business premises and own a larger trade company, you will no doubt still have storage problems when it comes to keeping all of your tools organised. When was the last time you took an itinerary of all of your tools? Or went to buy a new hammer, only to discover 5 of them lurking at the back of a cupboard in your workshop?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then maybe Fortbox can help you. We are used to greeting desperate workmen, looking for a storage solution for their tools. We even think we may be partly responsible for saving a few marriages!

So whether you are a sole trader and need to keep your family happy by storing your tools away from home, or you are a local business looking to get more organised and keep track of tools that go in and out of the workplace, we have a storage solution to suit you.

You can easily access your storage unit 7 days a week, so you never have to be without your precious tools. We even have 24 hour units available if you require access to your tools at unconventional times. We are sympathetic to the needs to late night, or on call plumbers who have to get access to their unit in the early hours! You can even upgrade or downgrade your unit size depending on your exact needs. It’s all easy with our flexible storage plans.

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