Temporary Storage Solutions When Moving Abroad

I really enjoy talking with our customers that are moving abroad. It might be London or Oxford is their temporary location, or they are on their way out of the area to somewhere fabulous for a short time! There are so many interesting stories of what they plan to learn or discover, and I imagine being in their shoes for a moment. Everyone is unique in why they need temporary storage at one of our storage centres. I thought I would share a few stories that highlight the different types of temporary storage solutions available to you.

  • Semester abroad student – this customer did not want to lug everything with her, but needed to be out of her dorm. She stopped by and rented one of our small lockers that fit her few boxes perfectly.  Keep in mind we also have larger units that are great for furniture storage.
  • The traveling collectors –a few customers had found some great furniture items while traveling but decided against them because they could not fit in their current space. They then discovered our furniture storage and have been able to have items shipped directly to their storage room. This service has certainly increased their travels and collections! Hopefully they find the right house soon so they can showcase them.
  •  Temporary job assignment – we had a lovely couple recently relocate to the area and brought with them too many boxes and furniture pieces that just didn’t fit right. They are using temporary storage to keep those items safe and out of the way until you move back to their home country.

There is so much to consider when moving abroad, hopefully these few stories can remind you of the great solution temporary storage can be! Share how you use temporary storage, email me at louise@fortbox.co.uk.

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