Storage Tips From The Self Storage Experts

This week I was able to meet up with the self storage experts at Fort Box to ask them what storage tips my readers must know about. The storage tips they provided are helpful and advantageous for anyone utilising self storage. Enjoy!

• Fill boxes to capacity, as partially full or bulging boxes may tip or collapse – use lightweight items such as cushions to ‘fill out’ space.

• Heavy items should be packed into small boxes so that they are easy to lift.

• Label or number boxes for easy reference when you need to locate your goods.

• Make up an inventory of your stored items and keep it in a safe place at home. (Ask about our new inventory management app and website called SmartTrakr™!)

• Dishes and glasses should be wrapped in tissue paper or bubble wrap before storing.

• Wardrobe boxes allow you to store your clothing on hangers which keeps their shape. (Did you read the post on Top Storage Boxes)

• Place heavy or bulky items in the room first to provide a good stacking base.

• Plan your storage space – put those items that you need often near the front, close to the door.

• To maximise space stack similar sized storage boxes together.

• Do not place heavy items on sofas or mattresses.

• Always place a protective cover over your soft furnishings.

• Stack chairs seat to seat with cloth or paper to separate them.

• Avoid stacking or leaning furniture against outside walls to aid ventilation.

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