Storage for Students in London


Storage for students in London is the great alternative to lugging your stuff around! You’ll have peace of mind knowing that all your gear is safe and sound in a clean, dry unit, ready to pick up whenever you’re ready.

Student Storage – the benefits

No more loading up your parents’ car at vacation time or worrying that you’ve left valuable stuff in your rented place. With storage for students you can choose the right size unit for you to stash however little or as much as you need, right when you need to.

Our student storage units in London start at 10 sq.ft., which is perfect to store a good few boxes of books and other student essentials as well as the bits and bobs that can stay put when you don’t need to! All of our storage for students units are individually alarmed, monitored by 24 hour digital CCTV and accessed only using your own personal PIN and padlock key. So you can safely leave more valuable items too, like your PC equipment, TV, DVD player, games consoles…whatever you don’t want to leave lying around a student house or student flat, but don’t want the hassle of transporting home at the end of term or when you’re moving accommodation. You can rent your student storage unit for as short a time as one week, through to however long you’d like!

Storage for Students – why not gang up on us?

Because we’ve a full range of unit sizes across London catering for storage for students, why not gang up with some friends and make your storage needs even more cost-effective by sharing a larger unit between you? This gives you great flexibility with housemates, perhaps when you’ve doubled up on household items or simply don’t have the space to store your gear.

Our storage for students units are accessible during our opening hours, or you can choose to have extended 24 hour access.  You can also track all your storage items via smart phone or online using our SmartTrakr™ system. And if you’d like, we can install shelving, lighting and electrical outlets to your student storage unit.

If you’re looking for storage for students in London, look no further! Just contact us to discover the range of options we can offer you to ensure all your stuff is kept safe and sound.

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