Storage for Santa

A young business owner recently came to visit us in our Oxford Unit, looking for a storage solution for his stock. 5 years ago he started a business from his bedroom, importing unusual and weird novelty items and selling them online. Initially he was able to do this by supply and demand, but the business soon grew to the level that he was having to keep stock of some of his more popular weird and wonderful purchases.

His bedroom was fast becoming a warehouse and his mum was non too pleased. He wasn’t yet at the stage where he could justify renting a business premises, but the family home was also no longer an option. He needed a stock storage solution and fast, before his mother started to act on her threats of stopping cooking and cleaning for him!

So we helped by renting him a medium sized storage unit where he could easily store his stock or the weird and wonderful at an affordable price, and keep his dear old mum happy at the same time.

We must admit, this is one of our favourite units as it is like Santa’s grotto in there! All of our team now order most of their birthday and Christmas presents from the young entrepreneurs website, and pretty soon he will be able to afford his very own warehouse. Not ideal for us, as it means he will be leaving, but great news for him!

We are just pleased that we could help him with his stock storage issues at the beginning of his blossoming business career and maybe when he becomes the next Richard Branson, he will remember Fortbox fondly!

If you have a stock storage problem, and you are also upsetting your mum, dad, wife, housemate, then we can help. It doesn’t have to be exciting stock either. We don’t mind what you want to store, but we must admit that the more unusual stock items always capture our interest!

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