Self Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Small space living has its benefits. The first that comes to my mind is – less there is to clean! Then there is the obvious – less square footage means more money to spend on the finer things in life. Unfortunately, there is always a negative. Small spaces typically come with less storage, and that can be problematic. Here are a few self storage solutions for your small space.

  • Add Shelving – Empty walls are valuable real estate. By adding a tall shelving unit you are able to utilise the floor to ceiling space. Going vertical will create more storage space.
  • Stack it – Clear plastic storage bins are durable, inexpensive, and guarantee maximum space conservation. Purchasing the clear bins lets you easily identify their contents. Fort Box has several sized plastic bins for purchase at their storage centres.
  • Consider renting storage space! –  A storage locker or storage unit is a great small space solution. By storing seasonal items like your summer wardrobe, bike, and even your collection of shoes (that you just can’t part with), you can rent a smaller flat and still save money by renting a storage unit.

How are you effectively using your small space? It would be lovely to hear from you! Email me at with your self storage solutions.

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