Seasonal Storage Solutions & Christmas Storage Ideas

It’s that time again! The lights are up, and the shops are filled with Christmas colours. My favorite time of year! This week also marks the time when I access my seasonal storage room at Fort Box for my Christmas storage boxes. Opening each box reminds me of previous years and evokes nostalgic memories.

There are several ways you can use your seasonal storage room throughout the year, but here are a few to try this season:

  • Want to keep those Christmas gifts away from your children’s prying eyes? Hide them in your storage room at Fort Box! I am always thinking Christmas and collect presents all year round. Don’t forget to wrap them in your storage room before placing them under the tree.
  • Find yourself with lots of Christmas wrapping paper left over after gifts are unwrapped? Save it and use it to wrap delicate items and provide cushioning between ornaments. It helps protect them during transport back to storage and next year you will have festively wrapped ornaments!
  • Load up on Boxing Day specials! If there is a good deal on your favorite items, stock up! Keep extras in your storage room until you need.

Remember seasonal storage is not limited to just Christmas storage. It can be used for sport and recreational equipment as well as clothes and decorative items that you use at certain times of the year. It would be lovely to hear from you! Share how you use your seasonal Christmas storage. Email me at

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