More space… A little room to grow. A place for all your office paperwork… Whatever the reason, let Fortbox self storage make life that bit easier.

There are so many reasons people choose to use Fortbox self-storage London, but for many, it’s just nice to reclaim some much needed space. Whether your teenager’s been hoarding every magazine they’ve ever bought and just can’t face tipping them! Or you’ve been hanging on to all those ‘baby essentials’ (when essentially, this is now the same teenager we’re talking about…) Or you want to make a little room in your office for a new meeting table and chairs. Whatever the reason, Fortbox self-storage London can help you get the space you’re longing for desperately. All for much less than you might think.

Competitively priced self-storage units London

Safe, secure, and available on flexible weekly contracts you can hire our self-storage units London for as long as you like. Whatever you’d generally expect from a self-storage company London, you can expect from Fortbox – but when it comes to customer service we like to go that bit further. That’s why with our self-storage units London, you also get 24/7 surveillance, your own personal pin and padlock and individual alarms for each storage unit. So you can be absolutely sure that whatever you have in storage, is well and truly looked after. And with flexible contracts available you don’t have to worry about being tied in to an all year deal! We can look after all your precious valuables for as long or short a time, as you need.

De-cluttering the office over the summer?

If tou’re taking advantage of the fact that most people are off over the summer, by giving the office a little TCL. Why not take advantage of Fortbox commercial self-storage unit London offers? Again, these are available on flexible contract terms. Maybe you just need somewhere to store all your office paraphernalia, paperwork and furniture for a couple of weeks, whilst you set about de-cluttering and sprucing up? We can help. Many London businesses choose to use Fortbox self-storage units for storing important office work whilst they renovate. With some choosing to keep a smaller self-storage unit on for vital documents and archived accounts. Why not find out more about our commercial storage units London deals today? Talk to one of our team on 0800 023 7074.

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