LP’s and ex boyfriends!

An ex boyfriend of mine used to collect records and he was obsessed with it! He had boxes and boxes of the things and cherished them so much that he wouldn’t let anyone else touch them. He would spend hours and hours scouring the internet for rare LP’s that had come up for sale, or looking to purchase some poor guys old record collection that he had clearly been forced to part with.

The reason for this was I bet due to his partner nagging him about the amount of space they take up. It’s not like our handy MP3 players these days that can store thousands of records on one tiny hand held device. If you are old enough to remember buying your first LP, they were large dinner plate sized discs and each of them came with beautifully crafted covers. Indeed, some original albums can sell for thousands upon thousands of pounds.

So it is no wonder that some people love their record collections. They are links to our past and a small piece of history that will soon be long forgotten by future generations. I mean, who even owns a record player these days? Old school DJ’s still love their record players, but even these are a dying breed. Mixing decks are becoming a thing of the past, but if you are one of the hard-core faithful, you will no doubt have mixing decks and record players that are some of your most precious belongings.

You will also be familiar with the problem of keeping your records clean and undamaged. The record sleeves can get grubby and torn easily, and the records themselves can scratch and be completely ruined. So it is vital that they are stored safely and out of harms way.

What better solution in that case, than using Fortbox Record Storage solution. Keep your precious records safe from harm, and grubby little fingers in one of our waterproof, secure, clean units, where your records can live happily forever! You can come in and lovingly look at them whenever you want, maybe even bring in your decks and use the space as your own little retro disco!

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