Ladies – have you done the big clothes swap yet?

No, we’re not talking about those parties where everyone piles in with their ‘what was I thinking?’ items to swap with friends! We’re talking about what most of us with overstuffed wardrobes do every Spring and Autumn – clear out the seasonal clothes into suitcases or storage boxes to make way for our light summer wear before swapping back to the layers we need in the cold weather.

So this time of year, out go the bulky sweaters, big coats and sturdy boots and in come….floaty summer dresses, lightweight linens, strappy sandals and (*cough*) perhaps a few more little ‘must haves’ that simply can’t be left in the shops! But where to store all your winter-wear until the sun most certainly no longer has his hat on?

Many people favour the attic, but this can cause havoc with storing clothes, especially over the summer months when attics can reach very high temperatures. Mould, mildew and insect damage are other causes for concern – you don’t want to retrieve that expensive wool coat or leather boots to find them damaged beyond repair by your storage conditions. And the cellar can be even worse….

The perfect solution is self-storage London where you can store all of your clothing in tip-top conditions. Our units are fully secure but, more than that, they’re dry, mould-free and your clothes will remain in perfect condition in your self-storage London unit. We can add shelving if you’d like, or you can bring along some readily available clothing rails to hang your clothing rather than having it scrunched into boxes. How about including any seldom-worn items too, like evening wear? Your self-storage London unit will ensure your evening gowns are ready to wear when you’re ready to wear them! And we all know (though never admit!) that we have TOO MANY shoes…so boxing up your winter footwear and storing your beloved boots safely and securely until it’s time to step back into them makes sense – and gives you SO much more space for, well, perhaps another pair of sandals or two to make it into your wardrobe!

And when Autumn does come around again, your self-storage London unit can simply become an additional wardrobe for your summer wear. Yes, when it’s sadly time to pack away the brights and florals of our summer wear and clamber back into the warmth of woollies, then just come along and swap it all over! With your own padlock key and PIN number, you can access your self-storage London unit when it suits you – so even if you need something in a hurry (we all like a party invite!) then just come along and retrieve it.

Self-storage London units are great value-for-money and can offer you additional wardrobe space all year round…also perfect for stashing any purchases that *ahem* might be best kept under wraps until you can use the ‘What? This old thing….’ line!!

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