Kick your clutter in to touch, with self-storage units London

We’ve all been there. You open the cupboard in the spare room and boxes upon boxes come tumbling out. Stuff you’ve put in there months, maybe years ago, things you just can’t bear to be without, right? How essential is all this stuff to your life? Did you know that clutter can be really bad for you… Apparently it can be really detrimental to your mental health, as Lifehacker reports (click here).

Whether you’ve a few boxes, or your home is looking something akin to ‘hoarders and storers’ finest episode, at Fort Box self storage we can help you restore your sanity. Follow our helpful guide to ridding your house of clutter.

  1. To begin with ask yourself the question. If my home was to burn down, what would I save first! Be ruthless. Think about your most beloved possessions.
  2. Create 3 categories: keep, throw, give-away and then put together an inventory of your possessions, according to each category.
  3. Don’t try and tackle things all at once, you’ll be too overwhelmed. Slowly, slowly. You’re not going to solve the problem of clutter in one fell swoop. Set yourself a small goal. Start with the study to begin with, then tackle larger rooms.
  4. Research suggests that 30 minute bursts is the most productive way to tackle the problem of clutter. So set the timer to avoid frustration.
  5. Be strict with buying new things. Do you really need another diet book… Try not to by another new book, before you’ve read the last. That way you won’t end up cluttering your shelves.
  6. Clutter isn’t simply restricted to piles of clothes, gadgets and paperwork. It’s digital too. Keep your files in order on your desktop, and at the end of each day, drop stray files into one central folder, that way you can keep everything streamlined, and your head clear!
  7. Review what’s in your closet monthly. If after a month there are items you haven’t worn, either pack them away, or be ruthless and send them off to the charity shop. Someone will really appreciate those shorts that haven’t seen the light of day in years.
  8. One of the hardest things to de-clutter are things which we have an emotional attachment too. So we understand that sentimental things are hard to part with. Fort Box has the solution for these precious items with small storage facilities, or large household storage units London. Completely flexible Fortbox can accommodate all kinds of storage. Whether it’s beloved photographs and memorabilia, children’s toys, antique pieces or seasonal decorations. When you want to de-clutter and de-camp your treasured possessions, choose storage units London to take care of everything for you. With flexible storage solutions to choose from, Fort Box takes the stress out of de cluttering. You could also store away important documents in our small self-storage units London. And with 24 hour monitoring, a personal PIN and padlock access, you’ve complete peace of mind. Find out more, take a look at our storage units London today.
  9. Get your friends involved. If the task is too much for you, why not get your friends or family involved. They can help you rationalise what to put into storage units London, and what to keep in your house.
  10. Don’t forget to recycle wherever possible – for an all round feel good approach to de-cluttering. Check out more great tips heron de-cluttering here

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