Is your family growing, but not your space?

How to store baby equipment is an ongoing dilemma for parents who haven’t yet completed their families, but need the space taken up by car seats, highchairs, bouncers, sterilisers, cots, changing stations, baby clothing…the list goes on and on! Storing all of these items at home until the next bundle of joy arrives can cause serious headaches. Where to put it all? And will it still be in great condition for the next addition to the family?

Self-storage London is the answer. You can store baby equipment safely and securely in a dry, mould-free environment in your own self-storage London unit. Choose a smaller unit to store just a few boxes of baby equipment and clothing that you’d like to keep, or opt for a slightly larger self-storage London unit where you can fit in all your beloved nursery furniture and other items until the Stork comes to call again!

Storing baby equipment in a hygienic environment is obviously uppermost in any parent’s mind. The attic and cellar can seem like good options, but both can be prone to temperature fluctuations, mould, mildew and insects, which can all cause irreparable damage. Many people opt for the garage, but as storing baby equipment often means storing bulky items (even when disassembled), well, erm….where do you put the car?!

Renting a self-storage London unit means you can rest assured that you’re storing baby equipment in a dry, secure environment – and who’s to say that you can’t put some other stuff in there too? If you’ve already older children, then perhaps store their outdoor playthings over the winter months too, or clothing ready to be handed down. Once you’ve rented your value-for-money self-storage London unit you’ll have your own padlock key and PIN number to drop off and retrieve items when it suits you.

So if you’re expanding your family but can’t expand your space at home, think about self-storage London as being the extension you haven’t got! Nobody knows why such very small people need So Much Stuff, but with a self-storage London unit you can rest assured that you’re storing baby equipment in the best possible way until you welcome your next little one into the world.

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