File Storage from Fort Box

Whatever your file storage needs, look no further than Fort Box. We provide secure file storage units across London for business and non-commercial clients who need to free up space whilst ensuring that their files are safe and sound.

Our file storage units in London come in all sizes, starting at just 10 sq.ft., so you can store as few or as many boxes as you’d like.

Added Value Business File storage

For business clients, file storage can be a godsend if office space is tight and your filing cabinets are overflowing. You might need to store archive files or keep essential files for legal purposes. Whichever, our file storage in London can provide the full service you expect as a business user including full office amenities such as free printing, copying, faxing and Wi-Fi.

Store your domestic files too…

For domestic customers across London, file storage can bring peace of mind knowing that all of your essential household documents are being stored safely in a secure unit. None of us likes to think about serious events such as a fire or plumbing disaster destroying our home contents, but these things do happen. So storing your essential household insurance and mortgage documents, for example, and even precious things you wouldn’t want to lose such as your children’s school reports or certificates makes a lot of sense.

File Storage for small business

If you’re self-employed or run a small business, you may also need to think about file storage to cut down the clutter in your home or office. Again, you need to keep your files for tax purposes, so why not free up your drawers and cabinets and store the files you don’t need to access so often in one of our secure file storage units?

Safe and Secure file storage

All of our clean and dry file storage units in London are individually alarmed, monitored by 24 hour digital CCTV and accessed only using your own personal PIN and padlock key. If you require it, we can install shelving, lighting and/or electrical outlets to ensure that your storage unit meets your needs perfectly.

If you think that file storage in London is the right decision for you, simply contact us to discuss your needs and to allow us to give you a quote for our services, including FREE SmartTrakr™ so you can keep track of your storage items via smart phone or online plus door-to-door item retrieval and delivery – for customers with inventoried storage boxes. You can claim one FREE pick-up or retrieval each week.

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