Equipment and Tool storage in London

For all of your equipment storage needs, look no further than Fort Box. We provide safe, secure units for equipment storage in London and tool storage in London that come in a range of sizes to meet your needs perfectly.

Keep the tools of your trade safe and secure

For trade customers such as self-employed gardeners, landscapers, painters and decorators, plumbers, electricians and more, we understand that you’ve a lot of gear you don’t want cluttering up your van or home! The answer? Simply rent an equipment storage unit or tool storage unit to stash your essential work kit safely and securely until you need it. For those who work outdoors, the Winter months can mean needing to put the tools of your trade away until the weather picks up. Or you may just have a lot of bulky items you don’t need to have with you day-to-day, but do need to come and collect as and when a job requires.

With Fort Box equipment storage or tool storage in London, you’ll have free access to your unit during our opening hours, or you could opt to have extended 24 hour access to grab the gear you need, right when you need it.

Make space at home with equipment storage

For domestic customers too, equipment storage or tool storage units can be a

godsend if space at home is tight. You can leave items like your lawnmower, ladders, bulky barbeque, power tools or any other space-invading DIY equipment in a safe storage unit until you need them.

Our equipment storage and tool storage units in London can accommodate all of your needs. With units sizes starting at just 10 sq.ft., you can stash just a few items or opt for a larger unit to fit in as much as you need to store.

Safe and secure

All of our equipment storage units and tool storage units are individually alarmed, monitored by 24 hour digital CCTV and accessed only using your own personal PIN and padlock key. Our units are dry and clean, and if you require it, we can install shelving, lighting and/or electrical outlets to ensure that your storage unit meets your needs perfectly.

Get in touch…

Please contact us to discuss your equipment storage in London or tool storage in London needs – we always offer the lowest price, guaranteed! Our experienced team are on hand to answer all your questions about safe, secure equipment and tool storage.

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