Business Document Storage Tips & Keeping Your Record Storage Organised

Storing important documents securely and in an organised fashion is a necessity for most businesses. For legal reasons businesses may need to store financial records and important documents for several years. Instead of expanding their already expensive office space, businesses have started using secure business document storage. Renting a storage room offers you the accessibility and security needed for records storage. A few readers have recently asked me for tips to keep their record storage organised. Here are a few you should consider.

• Create a Label System – Organise similar business documents in files or boxes and clearly label the contents. Since handwriting can sometimes be mis-interpreted, make sure and use a printed label and place on the top and front of your box. Keep track of your boxes on a spreadsheet, or better yet, your SmartTrakr™ app and website!

• Organise Your Business Document Storage Room – Being able to access your important documents quickly should be your goal. Make sure to make the most of your storage room and utilise shelving. It also helps to create a walkway down the middle of our storage room so you can get in and out in a snap. Keep boxes that you reference frequently towards the front of your room.

• Use a Retrieval and Delivery Service – Using a removal service saves time making trips between your office and storage room. Fort Box offers one FREE weekly Pick-up or Retrieval of your inventoried record storage boxes. Don’t forget to take advantage of this.  No one needs unnecessary stress added to their work day!

It would be lovely to hear from you! Share how you keep your business document storage space organised. Email me at

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