April showers & storage saviours

With heavy downpours set to hit, there really doesn’t seem to be a let up for Londoners at the moment. Click here for some recent imagery from the London Evening Standard captures the calamity busy commuters face whilst the battle the great British weather. With residents still reeling from recent flood damage, the news of further flood warnings London, is most definitely unwelcome.

It’s a sad situation to report, but there are still a large number of people who are yet to return to their homes following the torrential London floods. Not only has this seen an increase in insurance cover, with a reported 130million (plus) claimed to date (read more here), but there has also been a surge in the demand for self-storage facilities London. With good reason, with the threat of worse weather on the way, it’s important to know your most beloved possessions are being cared for. Photographs, family memorabilia, important documents and antiques… so much has been lost in recent London floods. By investing in self-storage London you can have absolute assurance that your irreplaceable belongings are stored away safe, sound, and most importantly in extremely dry storage units London.

Whether it’s a small storage unit London for just a few precious pieces of jewellery and a couple of treasured antiques, or a large storage unit London, for bigger items like our sofa and bed perhaps – Fort Box has the range of self-storage units to choose from. Take a look at our complete range of London self-storage facilities to learn more about our services and selection of self-storage units.

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