Essential Document Storage in London

Document Storage London
Document Storage London

The modern business era has made it possible to reduce our dependence on printed documents. You’ll have all seen the note attached to work emails – ‘Do you need to print this…’ and it makes a lot of sense. Previously, it was difficult to change documents on computers, but with every new operating system and new apps, it’s now possible to do some amazing thing with online or computer documents.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t need paper-based documents. For some legal documents, it’s a necessity to have the physical documents printed. It’s crucial that relevant documents are safe and secure. That might mean using a dedicated storage space in your office. Having dedicated storage space in London is difficult and often expensive. Finding a reliable and affordable storage provider with archive services is essential.

At Fort Box, we always pass on useful information whenever we can, as well as providing an excellent range of services. Here are some of our tips for secure document storage –


Document Storage for Doctors – Keep Your Essential Records Safe – 

If you run a small surgery then document storage with Fort Box will help you organise your record-keeping and create more space. One of the advantages of off-site document storage is the increased space in your reception and consultation room. A clearer place puts patients at ease and will open up more space for examinations.

Document Storage for Architects – Protect Your Work – 

Even with the improvements to computer software, a lot of architects still prefer to use physical drawings and designs. The initial concept drawings are useful for reference later in the project, and it’s important that all your work is safeguarded. With professional document storage, you will have the peace of mind that your work is free from any potential damage. 

Document Storage  for Hospitals – Ensure You Have a Physical Backup – 

The NHS cyber-attack earlier this year highlighted a reason to keep physical copies of records. To ensure that confidential information is kept safe and secure, it’s essential to use a professional storage company like Fort Box. There may also be times where records need to be shredded once they’re no longer required or are updated. It’s even more important that confidential documents are done professionally.


Fort Box – Essential Archive Storage in London – 

At Fort Box, we create all our storage packages around our customers’ needs. To do this, we build close relationships with each client we work with. Moreover, we can design specific storage packages that include various add-ons and complimentary services.

Our document storage service is one of our most popular business packages. It’s no longer necessary to fill your office with filing cabinets. Fort Box’s document storage offers various features to help make the transition from an overcrowded office to an organised work space. We can collect your paperwork from your office and deliver it to your document storage unit. We offer a professional shredding service which guarantees your documents are safeguarded and confidential at all times. We’ll also install shelves in your storage unit.

Our facilities in Chelsea and St John’s Wood both have top of the range security measures to ensure your company’s important documents are safe and secure. With twenty-four-hour digital CCTV monitoring, individually alarmed storage units with access PIN codes, vehicle plate recognition, fire and smoke detector system, our self storage facilities has excellent security.

Using Fort Box as your off-site document storage provider is a win-win combination. It opens up a lot of space in your office and surgery.  In addition, it’s the most secure way to store your important documents and paperwork.

The Fort Box team understands that, when you document storage customers first, everything else works.

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