SMEs – A Driving Force in London’s Business Community

SMEs – A Driving Force in London’s Business Community

Every year, SMEs are growing in their influence on the UK’s business markets. As more people are looking for specialist services, the opportunities for new enterprises to set up and successfully trade are on the up. It has never been easier to find the right resources to start an SME, and their popularity and significance are both positive for the UK economy.

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Smarter Uses of Space – Self Storage

The spaces where we live our lives are often overlooked in their importance. However, at Fort Box, one of the messages we discuss at length with our customers is the importance of the spaces where they live and work in. The places where you eat, where you sleep, where you watch TV or listen to music, where you entertain your friends and spend time with your family; the places where you meet with your team to discuss that week’s agenda, the places you make crucial decisions and game-changing business proposals – it’s within these spaces that a lot of our lives exist, and it’s of utmost importance to make the most out of them.  Continue reading “Smarter Uses of Space – Self Storage”

London Start-ups First Home

It’s time to make a stand – you’re ready to announce yourself as one of London’s next entrepreneurs. The business plan has been written and rewritten numerous times, the budget is set, the cash flow and hypothetical forecasts are in place, you’ve spoken to an accountant and you’re in the process of registering your business. You’ve spent the last twelve-months raising finances, you have a proposed client list, enough money for you to survive the first year – and now it’s time to take the next vital step – your new start-up company needs a home.

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Customised London Business Storage with Fort Box

London and business are intrinsically linked – every major heavyweight of business based in the UK has some presence in London, whether that’s an office or a direct link to the city. London is one of the most important cities in the world, especially the financial sector, and wherever money flows, business is the governing force behind it.

To become a successful business person in London, you have to be prepared to take risks, but to also understand that longevity needs a solid foundation, which revolves around available cash flow, and an understanding of a baseline operating cost. You have to be able to roll with the punches, be prepared to scale back certain expenditures, depending on fluctuations on profit and losses.

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What Is ‘Seasonal Storage’

Seasonal storage is a particular type of storage which can be short as well as long term. Seasonal storage doesn’t just mean autumn and winter, however, as it can cover any time of year and mean different things to different people.

If you’re a business owner, seasonal storage can indeed be linked to the weather. So if you have a business that thrives in the summer months, you may have a requirement to store away equipment over the winter months. The opposite might apply if you are running a winter sports type of business.

Season’s in business don’t need to relate to what the weather is doing either. It could be that there are conference seasons, exhibition seasons and fashion season. The list is endless but in all these cases you will be bringing your items to and from storage on a regular basis.

This is when it’s important to ensure that you choose a self-storage company that understands your storage needs and offers you the flexibility year round.

You will find that our storage units can cater for most of your storage needs, whether it’s exhibition stands, furniture or leisure equipment. You can also have peace of mind that your items will be kept safe for the next season.

Back To School Storage Advice

The kids are back in school, the summer hols are fast becoming a memory and now it’s time to get reorganised and back into the work school routine. One thing you might not have thought about at the start of this new terms is the extra storage space you may need!

If your children are still at primary school you may not have much to worry about other than finding storage for their artwork and toys. Secondary school is another problem altogether as kids graduate from pens pencils and notepads to laptops, sports equipment, stuff they need for school trips and so on.

Then there are the countless folders full of work which if you don’t have space for a filing cabinet can add up to a lot of extra space being taken up in the home.

If this is you, then you will no doubt be craving some advice on how to deal with it all.

The first place to start is to get your teenagers to organise their things. This as most parents know is not a particularly easy task at the best of times but it is worth a try.

Secondly you will need to set up dedicated storage space that is easily accessible. Often work will need to be stored away until it is needed for revision and exams.

If you find you are struggling to free up enough space, then why not consider self-storage for items that are taking up space? Anything you don’t need can be stored away to help keep the house tidy and reduce stress levels for everyone.

Are You Moving House And Stuck with White Goods?

September is a popular month for house moves as people race to avoid having to move all their belongings before the bad weather sets in. Thankfully we seem to be in the midst of an Indian summer at the moment but there is one problem you might have encountered which is common among many people who are moving into a rental property – what to do with white goods!

Fridge freezers, washing machines and so on otherwise known as white goods are essentials in any home. The problem arises when it’s time to move house and the property you are moving into has its own integrated appliances.

Washing machines and fridge freezers aren’t the easiest things to try and find space for and it unlikely your new landlord will appreciate you storing them in your new home in the first place.

So what are your options?

If you are planning to move into your rental within the next few weeks it is worth assessing how much your appliances are worth. Are they worth keeping? Sometimes it’s just easier to sell them on ebay or Gumtree rather than have to think about where to store them.

If they are in good working order, however, you do have the option of putting them in self-storage along with other items you may not have space for.

End Of Summer Garden Storage

As we approach the end of summer it is likely that you will be spending less and less time in the garden. It won’t be long until summer turns to autumn and all that garden furniture, tools, paddling pools, barbecues and other summer items will need to be put away to keep them in good condition for next year.

The problem this time of year is finding space for all these items. Often sheds will be full to bursting already so there will be a bit of head scratching to be done finding the extra room. Many people opt for plastic covers to keep items like barbecues dry, but these often end up damaged and leaks will end up causing rust.

Garden furniture is also particularly prone to wear and tear if it is left out all year round. You will soon fine that plastic and cloth fade and lose their colour in the sun after only a year outside. Wood meanwhile will suffer from our damp climate.

Try cramming tables, chairs and barbecues in a standard-sized shed and it will become painfully obvious that you will need to buy some form of storage unit (if you have the space). The problem is, our gardens will be less appealing when they are full of various types of storage.

So what’s the solution?

Why not pop along to your local self-storage facility and remove the hassle altogether. We can offer storage for several months until the better weather returns.

5 Ways To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Opportunist Burglars

Nobody can stop a determined thief, but there is a lot you can do to stop the less determined ones if you are planning to spend some time away from home this month.

Move your large valuable items into self storage
Putting items you would normally store in the shed or garage into storage is a sensible precaution if you are going to be spending a long time away from home. There are countless stories of bikes being stolen from sheds and so on, so why give those opportunist thieves the opportunity?

Leave lights on or have them come on periodically
While you might not want to waste energy, the technology exists to control the lighting in your home much like the heating if you are away.

Make your fences harder to climb
Burglars are unlikely to use the front door to get into your house, it’s easier for them to just climb a fence around the back. Adding trellis to the top will make the fence a lot less stable to climb and even if they try to remove it, is it really worth the hassle?

Don’t leave valuables on display
If the burglar can see valuables through the window, then they will have more encouragement to break in.

Make sure the house looks lived in
Tidying up the garden right before you go can give the impression that you haven’t been away long and could be back at any time.

Why It’s Never Too Soon To Get Organised

Getting organised is something that is often left until January when it’s time for new year’s resolutions. However it can be far more satisfying to get the organising done earlier rather than put it off until a later date.

Getting more organised and reducing clutter in our lives is something we can all benefit from – not least the psychological relief it provides. It is a well-known fact of life that clutter can end up costing money, time and even out emotional wellbeing.

At Fortbox we believe our self-storage doesn’t just provide a place to store your stuff, it also provides something beyond that. It gives our customers the chance to de-clutter their lives. It gives them space to breathe.

Have you ever noticed how simply decluttering your wardrobe can give you an enormous sense of satisfaction? Life is so much better when you are able to find things to wear rather than be confronted with a pile of disorganised clothes.

Often you can end up shopping for more clothes and spending money you don’t need to spend just because you can’t find a pair of jeans or that favourite jumper you bought last year.
Self-storage is something everyone with a cluttered home should try.